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We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

Access gained: At 19:30pm 29/11. Fault found: Major fibre cable damage caused by 3rd party road works, identified at 22:30pm 29/11. Repair of fault: Fibre re-provided and service restored at 02:56am 01/12.

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Water is currently being pumped from the two manholes we believe can lead to a repair. Thames Water are also on site investigating the cause of the access water, suspected to be a burst water main, also resulting from the construction works. Once the cable routes are exposed in both manholes we can begin the fibre re-splicing work leading to service restoration. The repair work is expected to continue throughout Sunday

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There are multiple deep trenches onsite which are full of water, these trenches run adjacent and into the fibre cables. The cables also run under a nearby mainline railway, all of which may hinder the repair.

Its been determined that a 3rd party has pile driven 2 big steel pipes through our optic cables. No Estimated Time of Repair at present, the next update will be approx 15:00.

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Update from OpenReach

Many of the excavations are very deep and flooded, due to this our team on site have only been able to locate one end of the damaged cables. The next nearest manhole / node is on the far side of the railway track, meaning a temporary fix of over ground cable is not an option. Whilst engineers remain on site attempting to locate the remaining cable, additional engineers are investigating re-route options through the network. Both tasks are time consuming due to the conditions on site, the lack of daylight and the length of network to repair / re-route.

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This circuit is affected by a major Openreach outage affecting multiple customers, currently their fibre engineers are tasked with investigation and resolving the issue as soon as possible. Updates to follow.

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We've confirmed there is a problem with the OpenReach Circuit delivering the buildings connectivity, we're working closely with them to resolve the issue and restore connection.

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We are aware of issues at the FTTB Site Cambridge Studios.

An engineer has been dispatched.

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Affected components
  • Connect
    • 4G (IoT / Event)
    • Ethernet Access Direct (EAD)
    • Business Broadband (ADSL, FttC/P)