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We've now resolved the incident. Thanks for your patience.

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We are currently running on generator on our A-side, and the fault has now been traced to a faulty mains contactor as part of our A-side Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) changeover system.

This contactor needs to be replaced to reinstate mains power on the A-side. Until this action has been undertaken, we will be running the A-side on generator. Both sides of the power infrastructure at NLC are running in a stable state, with our N+1 (swing) generator still available, and we have both on-site fuel and bulk re-fuelling contracts in place (and confirmed as available) to see us through any conceivable replacement timescale.

The replacement parts have been sourced, and we are now working with our engineering team on a replacement strategy.

We have no choice but to continue to treat the current state on the A-side as 'at risk' at this time.

Please be assured that we expect no further issues while in the current state, with the B-side still protected should there be any kind of mains or grid-side issue in the meantime.

The next update will be provided tomorrow, as plans for the swap-out. We do not foresee any outages due to all services operating on A+B Redundancy, with all systems being checked whilst on Generators.

We thank you for your patience during this time. Please feel free to contact us if you require any further detail.

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Please be advised that there is currently an active emergency maintenance window invoked at our London Central (LON01) data centre; today, Friday 8th of October, starting at 17:45pm.

We're currently running on our backup generator system across the A-side of our power delivery infrastructure. The B-side is running on mains with full health.

This current power state is due to a suspected fault on one phase of the A-side. This is currently being investigated as a matter of critical priority.

All backup power systems have behaved exactly as designed, and so at present things are running in a stable fashion with the A-side on generator, and the B-side on grid.

While in this state, we must treat all customer power feeds as 'at risk' while we investigate things further. We would currently consider this to be a medium risk state / operation. We're not expecting any A-side power failures to client kit, however in the course of investigation and resolution, we cannot rule it out at this stage.

At present, we are unable to give an estimate on when this will be resolved, however we will keep you updated.

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