Primary BGP Issue


RFO Issued by Supplier

"The incident was caused by a line card network processor overload, which caused the card to crash. To be clear, this was not an issue on the main route processors in Telehouse North, this was an isolated CPU overloading incident on a single line card.

it has been found that the root cause of this crash was our IPv6 routing table, which very suddenly exhausted the available memory on this card. The card then attempted to clear memory by shedding routes, which ultimately resulted in the card crashing, and the routing issues felt across the board."

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Investigations continue with our upstream provider to find the route cause.

We continue to provide services through our backup peering until we are confident the problem is resolved.

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The BGP Outage caused a routing feed within LON01 to have issues with a handful of providers.

We have isolated this route feed and can see that routes to these providers are successful.

EAD, Broadband and MPLS Connectivity was unaffected.

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One of our Primary BGP Feeds is having an outage, we have initiated our backup circuits and working with the supplier to resolve the issue.

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Began at:

Affected components
  • Core Infrastructure
    • DNS Cluster